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Rental Prices, No Option To Buy

Rent on a 1000 gallon tank - $5.00 per month
Rent on a 500 gallon tank - $2.50 per month, over 1000 gal LP used
Rent on a 500 gallon tank - $3.75 per month, between 500 & 1000 gal LP used
Rent on a 500 gallon tank - $8.00 per month, under 500 gal LP used
Rent on a 250 gallon tank - $8.00 per month
Rent on a 120 gallon tank - $8.00 per month


We Have A Summer-Fill Program Available

This is a one time a year fill when our customers pay the lowest price possible for their LP Gas. Anyone with an outstanding bill, at the time of the summer-fill, will not qualify for this option.

We Have LP Gas Contracts

This is a way of buying your Lp Gas ahead, for the winter months, at a fixed price.

We Have A Budget Pay Plan

This gives you a fixed payment which runs for ten months, beginning July 10th and runs through April 10th.

We Have A Will Call Program

Customers need to call into our office when your tank is at 25%, so we can have time to reroute our drives to your area at no charge, otherwise there will be a fee for an out-of-gas call.


                                                                        READING YOUR TANK GAUGE 

                 * This Gauge Reads 74%                                                      

If Your Gauge Reads 150 Gallon Tank 250 Gallon Tank 500 Gallon Tank
80% 120 Gallons 200 Gallons 400 Gallons
70% 105 Gallons 175 Gallons 350 Gallons
60% 90 Gallons  150 Gallons  300 Gallons 
50% 75 Gallons  125 Gallons  250 Gallons 
40% 60 Gallons  100 Gallons  200 Gallons 
30% 45 Gallons  75 Gallons  150 Gallons 
20% 30 Gallons  50 Gallons  100 Gallons 
10% 15 Gallons  25 Gallons  50 Gallons 




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